'Value of Cycling' Report Published by the DfT!

'Value of Cycling' Report Published by the DfT!

The 'Value of cycling' written by Andrew Saffrey and Fiona Rajé; commissioned by the DfT, provides a review of the literature on the value of cycling. It focuses on the benefits of cycling as a mode of transport, such as retail revenue, employment effects and public spending efficiencies.


While there is extensive literature of the health and air quality benefits of cycling, the 'Value of Cycling' focuses of filling the gaps in knowledge about the wider economic case for cycling and sought out evidence on all possible impacts of cycling- both benefits and de-benefits. Academic research centred on the impacts of cycling at the individual, neighbourhood, town/city, regional and national levels, with a view to developing and understanding the benefits of cycling and the value associated with the mode.

This literature review has been undertaken by a partnership of the University of Birmingham and Phil Jones Associates, published on the 26th March 2016 from the Department for Transport; Part of Cycling Local Transport

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