London’s first cycling Quietway is now open

London’s first cycling Quietway is now open

The first of London's cycling “Quietways” has been officially launched by Transport for London. PJA is part of a team of consultants assembled by Sustrans to assist them in their role as delivery agent for the Quietways programme on behalf of TfL. 

The first route, linking bustling Waterloo to historic Greenwich over a distance of 9km, guides cyclists along quiet streets and traffic-free paths and also connects to TfL's flagship Cycle Superhighway network at Blackfriars Road.  PJA provided staff on secondment to Sustrans to handle the design development, traffic order planning, and highway authority liaison within the borough of Lewisham.

The Quietway concept is designed to provide a network of quiet and traffic-free cycling routes away from busy roads which enable people to cycle short journeys instead of driving, and provide an alternative to crowded buses and trains for longer commuting trips.

Quietways complement TfL's other cycling infrastructure investment programme of high-quality segregated Cycle Superhighways on busy radial corridors, and local area improvements in the shape of “Mini-Hollands”.  With an increasing demand for travel in London as a result of a growing economy and population, investment in cycling infrastructure is both cheaper and quicker to implement, which is especially relevant in the current climate of constrained public spending.  The high quality of infrastructure delivered by TfL is already yielding a strong growth in patronage, taking the strain of the public transport network and improving the health of those people who have chosen to switch to cycling.

Read more from TfL and Sustrans.


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