Another appeal win for PJA

Another appeal win for PJA

PJA recently achieved success at planning appeal for a retrospective application for a small residential scheme in Northampton, following expiration of a previous planning consent.

Much like the surrounding pattern of rows of terraced streets, the proposed development of six flats and two houses did not provide any off-street parking.  The planning application was refused at the recommendation of the highway authority on the basis that the existing on-street parking is over-subscribed and as such the development would have a detrimental impact on highway safety and residential amenity.

At appeal, PJA presented evidence in the form of car ownership Census data, which when compared with parking surveys demonstrated that although the surrounding streets are close to full occupancy there exists a small surplus of spaces to accommodate additional residents. Whilst the proposals would lead to increased demand for parking spaces where there is limited spare capacity, crucially the Inspector noted that “the effect is likely to be only marginal and certainly not  severe, the test set by current national planning policy for preventing development on transport grounds.”

Further to this, the Inspector found that a s106 contribution required as part of the previous planning consent would no longer be required, providing the developer with a cost saving compared to the previous scheme.

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